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The Ionia Community Library (ICL) is a district library that was incorporated in 2004 to serve the citizens of the City of Ionia and Easton Township and the residents of the Ionia Public School District.

The ICL is a member of the Ionia County Library Association and shares a county-wide millage with the other five member libraries.  


The mission of the Ionia Community Library is to provide 21st century library services by a knowledgeable and caring staff in a facility that meets the needs of all community residents.



A transition into an accessible and up-to-date library that allows us to provide 21st century services that meet the needs of all of our community members


Providing a welcoming staff that is well-trained, knowledgeable, professional, approachable and responsive to community needs


Offering a wide variety of services reflective of our community’s current and future needs to support the efforts of local educational, governmental and civic groups to collaborate and communicate on a global basis


Enriching the lives of our residents with diverse programming that is appealing to all ages

Strategic Plan

The Ionia Community Library Strategic Planning Committee shall work on the premise that the overarching goal of the organization is to advocate for a NEW LOCATION or AN EXPANDED existing building that will be able to provide the community with the 21st century library services that it deserves.

Organizational Values Statement

The Ionia Community Library believes in the following core values:

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Leadership

  • Respecting diversity

  • Intellectual Freedom

  • Open Access to Information

  • Collaborative Sharing of Resources

  • Responsiveness to Community Needs

  • Inspiring culture

ICL Staff


Dale Parus


616.527.3680 ext. 104


Denise Hoag

Community Services Team



Paula Wood

Manager of Library Operations

616.527.3680 ext. 107


Kathleen Brown

Cataloging & Circ Support

616527.3680 ext. 103


Shanni Kerr

Community Services Team Leader  - Adult/Teen Services

616527.3680 ext. 106

SSM Photos (5 × 7 in) (1)_edited.jpg

Julianne Klumpp

Community Services Team

Youth Services

616527.3680 ext. 105

KJ CB AC DW Bench Tree.jpeg

Charlotte Bajema
Amber Campbell
Karen Johnson
Deborah Walkington
(names are in order right to left & back to front)
Not pictured:
Rachel Kent
Kari McCloud

Collette Wheelock

Circulation Assistant
616527.3680 ext. 101 or 102

Circulation Assistants

616527.3680 ext. 101 or 102


Robert Kuhtz

Building & Grounds Maintenance


Todd Arens


Building & Grounds Maintenance

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