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David E. Mayhew
Library Improvement Fund


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In Cherished Memory of David E. Mayhew 

7 April 1946 – 4 May 2023

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A retired jazz musician, arranger and conductor, David was loving his life in Paris as a full-time flâneur cooking his way through the Bastille fresh air market.  Before moving abroad, David served for many years as a member, and later President, of a Michigan county library board. He led successful private funding drives and chaired a campaign in which county residents passed the first library operating millage. Throughout his life, David believed strongly in the importance of libraries and the critical role they play in ensuring access to information.  To honor that belief, and in line with David’s wishes, the family welcomes donations to the Ionia Community Library instead of flowers as an expression of sympathy.

Hall-Fowler Home
Library since 1903

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Donate by mail or via email/phone:


Hall-Fowler Home
Library since 1903


  • Community needs of a library have changed dramatically since it opened its doors

  • Only 5,500 square feet--the smallest library in the county that serves the largest population of 23,680

  • Not ADA Compliant - limits who can use the library

  • The City owns the home and ICL is responsible for maintaining the house and the expense to do so as if it was the owner--PLUS any major changes to the grounds or house would have to be approved by the City

  • Only a small lift to travel to the second floor or a large winding staircase to climb

  • No study rooms

  • No event rooms (programs are held in the stacks or off-site)

  • Overcrowed book shelves

  • One public restroom on the first floor

  • No staff work room

  • No board room (meetings held in a small room where four staff work)

A donation in memory of David for the Ionia Community Library (ICL), could make the dream of renovating the Ionia County National Bank building to be the NEW ICL a reality.  

After several failed millage attemps, losing by only 36 votes in August 2022, the Board is looking for other avenues to fund the project through grant applications, donations and fundraising. 

When you think of a library the first thing that comes to mind is books, but that is one small facet that a full functioning library can provide, but at our current location that is not possible.    

BS Photo-Library-7517 (4).jpg

Ionia County National Bank Building
Donated to ICL by Mercantile Bank in 2021


  • 22,000 Square Feet--4x the size of the current library

  • ADA compliant building--Access for EVERYONE

  • ICL owns the building, would generate equity for the investment in the builiding and the Library Board could approve any major building updates or changes

  • Unique program areas for adults, teens and children--where the entire family can utilize the services they need all under one roof

  • Community room for library and community events

  • Meeting room for small businesses or community groups

  • Located in the heart of downtown Ionia--will revitalize the area 

  • Expanded services and technology--will greatly improve the wi-fi and internet access in downtown  

  • Computer area that is quiet and with more privacy

  • A learning center in partnership with area schools and colleges.

  • Space for a board room, staff offices and workroom with adequate restrooms for the public and the staff

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